21 Exact things To Say After Kissing Someone

cute things to say after a kiss

Not long after we published a post on cute I want to kiss you text messages, many people began to ask us questions on what are the cute things to say after kissing their boyfriend or girlfriend.

To say something sweet and romantic after kissing someone can be amazing and most times lead to more pleasurable kisses. However, this can be difficult and different for first-time kissers.

The first kiss can come with a whole lot of feelings; excitement, or feeling awkward. When we finally have our first kiss, we could also be found trying to know what to say after kissing someone.

However, text messages after a first kiss with boyfriend/girlfriend can be a positive or negative one. It is a message which helps you express to your partner how you feel after kissing, what it is like to kiss him/her. This could be your first kiss, or not but all are geared towards allowing your partner to know what they’re doing right or wrong and how they can possibly improve.

First find out between you and your partner, who is guilty of these kissing mistakes? The importance of feedback after a kiss can never be overemphasized. Although some people are of the opinion that you shouldn’t say a thing after kissing.

After kissing someone, you could be super excited, nervous or feel awkward and confused. Kissing different people will always have different kissing experience attached to it.

21 things to say after a kiss with someone

how to kiss well

What are you supposed to say after you have your first kiss with someone?

However, it is never a must to compliment a guy after kissing. You don’t have to fake some phrases if you have got nothing to say, neither do you have to be mute when you have something to express about how you feel. It should be a matter of choice, but sweet words like; “I like it, honey, the kiss was so nice, can bring up good chemistry for a deeper connection and make someone fall in love with you the more.

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  1. Wow! We just kissed, I feel a little relieved
  2. Uh yeah! We just kissed but I feel a little embarrassed.
  3. Your lips were so warm, it was a nice experience.
  4. Today’s kiss was nice, do that again next time.
  5. That’s not fair, you were forceful, but I did enjoy the kiss.
  6. I love the way you kissed and held my hair backward.
  7. The kissing was nice; it will be nicer if you can add a little pressure next time.
  8. You are a great kisser, thank you for showing me love today.
  9. Your kiss keeps me blushing…
  10. Wow, your kiss was really nice.
  11. Good, you kissed me. If you didn’t do that, I was going to have to.
  12. I almost got high from kissing you.
  13. You have soft lips, that’s amazing.
  14. My heart was beating way too fast, I am excited.
  15. I really enjoyed the kiss last night, shall we do it again?
  16. Now I can say I kissed the perfect girl 🙂
  17. You’re an all-time best kisser, I like your kiss.
  18. You would be a good kisser if you can improve your touches.
  19. Wow! You are good!
  20. You nearly have my lips cut off, it hurts.
  21. No one has ever kissed me as you do.

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Video tutorial on what to say after kissing

I hope you find the list of what to text/say to a girl or a guy after your first kiss, helpful. Do you feel weird after your first kiss, excited or embarrassed? The best way to read how a guy feels after a first kiss is his reactions.

However, some persons wouldn’t say a thing after a kiss with you, expecting it could be a waste of time. Probably because they might still be in surprise they just had a kiss or even in a state of confusion.

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  1. Horrible advice. Never say any of these things after you kiss someone e.

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