How do you kiss really good?

Everyone would like to be a good kisser, that’s why most people would always want to learn how to kiss well even for the first time kiss.

However, learning how to kiss someone well has to do with practice and avoiding these serious kissing mistakes. What to do with your tongue when you kiss, how to kiss a guy well and how to lip kiss step by step are a few of the common questions people ask Relationship Hub most times through the inbox.

To make things easier and help every of our reader become a good kisser, we have prepared this no-nonsense guide on how to kiss well.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to kiss your first kiss or improve your kissing skills, this very kissing tutorial is all you need to make a kiss memorable.

How to kiss someone well

You don’t have to be a sex therapist before you can be able to know how to kiss well. Also, you wouldn’t like to be titled a bad kisser. The steps below are what you need to follow to get started;

1. Don’t be in haste

how to make out

Kissing is something you don’t have to rush, forget about the movie scenes, the practical experience might throw you a surprise.

Even if you’re ready for a kiss, your partner might need some time to feel comfortable with it especially if you’re about to kiss your first kiss. Have some good topics or question games to ease your way into kisses.

2. Getting consent

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Do not steal a kiss.

The kissing rule recognizes asking his/her consent for a kiss as golden. Mixing the consent with a little bit flirting is an added credit.

No matter how familiar or new someone is to you, always remember that kissing should happen naturally and willingly. First, find out if the person is ready and willing to have a kiss with you.

You can ask someone for a kiss through text message if you’re shy or even have someone kissing you immediately through eye contact and a few romantic sayings.

3. Do not be forceful

how to kiss well

Acting too aggressive is one of the common mistakes people make while kissing. If you’re a guy that kisses aggressively, you’re most likely to scare a lot of women from kissing you again after their first inexperienced kissing with you.

To be good at kissing someone, apply the right amount of pressure, do not be too forceful and have your partner pushed to backward or held roughly.

4. Use your tongue appropriately

how to kiss well

Excessive use of the tongue is one of the major characteristics of a bad kisser. It is recommendable not to slide your tongue into someone’s mouth, especially on the first kiss. Most people will have it as an unwelcome surprise.

Do the lip to lip kissing at the moment and try using your tongue only when you both are comfortable for a deep kiss. When you want to kiss someone with your tongue and that feels right for the both of you, gently slide your tongue into her mouth and caress it.

5. Moisture

how to kiss well

If you don’t want to be addressed as a terrible kisser, then you have to control the amount of saliva in your mouth. Keep your lips smooth but not dry so you can even enjoy an open mouth kiss.

To control your flow of saliva while kissing someone, try switching your kissing type, maybe from a French kiss to just a peck or even take a break and continue all but in a sensual way.

6. Proper timing

how to kiss well

The best kiss is the one done at the right time.

Take a close look to know when your partner is in the mood for a kiss. Their body language will leave you with a note on the right time to kiss them, whether or not to even make an attempt to avoid being embarrassed.

7. Be in the right position

how to kiss well

To kiss well, you have to stay in the right position. If you’re about kissing a girl and you both are standing, it is nice to stand with your feet pointing at hers and draw close to her while you lean your head for a kiss.

To maintain the perfect position for a kiss, do not forget to use your hands in giving the support that’s needed. Caress her face with your hands gently and maybe try pushing her hair backwards in a romantic manner. Where to touch a guy or a lady while kissing, depends on what you want to happen next after kissing.

Do you want to make out? This is probably something you have to figure out but not think much about what next to do while kissing so you don’t get rolled out of the moment.

8. Prepare for a kiss

how to kiss well

While preparing for a kiss, it is important to have your teeth washed properly. Since you’re already expecting a kiss from someone, you can have some gum and chew to have fresh breath.

Bad breath alone is capable of making you miss yet another kiss. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed because of stinking mouth odour.

Youtube video on how to kiss well

Whether you are searching for how to kiss a guy well or how to make out with someone the perfect way, I hope you find our compilation of how to kiss well, helpful?

If you have related questions on how to kiss a lady or a guy or have some kissing ideas/experience to share with us, do not hesitate to do so through the comment box below.