How To Get Over A Breakup For Guys

how to get over a breakup for guys

Honestly, a breakup can lead to unimaginable pains, especially for the first few weeks or months. The question is, will breakup pain go away, and how does one stop hurting after a breakup?

It doesn’t really matter who first broke up with each other, the pain can often lead to situations where you see yourself battling to get over an ex and feel better again. It is interesting to know that breakups hurt even when you wanted it, (mutual breakup) still hurts.

People tend to evaluate in their men vs women after a breakup, to know who feels hurt the most with many people saying that women go hard on a breakup. The truth remains that it is painful when you break up with someone you love or once cared for. Whether you’re a man or a woman.

A breakup is capable of hurting someone emotionally, mentally and physically when they fail to learn how to move past it they will suffer from the adverse effects. This is why you could see a lot of men complain they have insomnia after breakup, chest pain or feeling numb.

However, my focus on this post is to give a special guide on how to get over a breakup for guys, to take a look at male psychology after a breakup and possible ways to feel better.

How to get over a breakup for guys

1. Feel free to get emotional

how to get over a breakup for guys

Forget about the common misconception that a guy should get over a breakup faster than a girl, this is often coated with the “you’re a man” or “man up” words.

Allow yourself to get emotional, do not spend all your energy in trying to heal your broken heart immediately. There’s no specific or standard timeframe regarding how long it will take the pain of breakup to ease, neither does it heal by pretending it doesn’t hurt while you’re soaked in pains. Following these breakup advice for guys will gradually make you feel better.

2. Accept the challenge

how to get over a heartbreak for guys

This is one of the most recommendable things to do after a break up with your girlfriend.

Splitting up with someone you have shared quality time with, is often an enormous challenge, but you have to accept what has happened with a good fate no matter what transpired between you and your partner.

Accept the breakup with the right mindset, stop bringing up old memories, I know this hard but it is possible to live past it. This is what will definitely determine how long it will take you for the pain of breakup to ease.

Stop listening to sad songs, or media content that will make you feel depressed or throw the past sweet memories and mistakes you made back on you.

3. Work on yourself

how to get over a heartbreak

This is a sure way to win a breakup for guys and help the body chemistry to return to normal.

If breakup pain is becoming unbearable, it poses a very big trait capable of affecting how you feel and reason at the moment, try not to always think negative but be positive and give yourself time to heal. You can live without her, give it at least six weeks to find out whether you can or not.

Every guy can stop a breakup pain from getting worse by engaging in positive activities after a breakup with a girl such as; reading good books, exercise and eat a good diet, connect and talk with friends, explore your fashion sense, and take selfies as much as you can to keep yourself happy.

4. Stay off her social media

how to get over broken heart quickly

Unfortunately, what most guys do after a breakup can prolong the pain. Stay off her social media accounts so you don’t get ambushed by her pictures and quotes about new beginnings.

Trying to read your ex’s chats after a breakup or to find out who she’s talking to online if you still have her social media passwords can be more painful. Get rid of all those information you have about her account and mute, or block her on social media if you can’t stay without stalking it.

5. Reconnect with people

Reconnecting with people is a sure way to keep yourself busy after a breakup. Probably, your past relationship might have made you unable to have ample time with your friends. Get in touch with your old good friends, you can decide to crash at their apartment and get involved in activities like sports, travelling or sightseeing that will eventually make you stop thinking about your ex.

When you reconnect with people, you will discover that a lot of people out there really love you.

6. Move on, make friends

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If you parted with the person you thought you would have spent the rest of your life with, do not lose sight or the fact that you’re still you and start feeling you’re reduced to nothing.

No matter how much you love your ex, you have to get over it. You only need a little time to discover there are so many ladies out there that you will love as much or even more than you ever imagined.

Being single at the moment does not mean you will remain single forever, hence you want to get into a relationship someday and believe you will find love. Rather, it gives you time for self recollection and opportunities to decide what’s right for you in life and how your next relationship could be.

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