When self-worth is not known, thinking that no one else loves you becomes inevitable. But then, is it even possible that there’s no one out there who loves you, or should we blame your inability to figure out that a lot of people out there love you more than you can ever imagine?

However, at some point in life, you may have self-hate, feel unwanted and lonely. They’re all common feelings that come around because we’re all humans.

Whether you are searching for how to love yourself when others don’t, or want to love yourself more when no one else does, this post is specially made for you. So, whenever you begin to feel lonely, unwanted or think that no one else loves you, always remember to adhere to the life improvement tips mentioned in this self-love guide.

Best things to do to love yourself when no one else does

We have written a couple of posts on how to achieve self-love, and most importantly pointing the need to always be in love with yourself in order to live the life of your dreams. 

There’s nothing that can be compared with loving yourself, it’s better people call you selfish than spending your whole life people-pleasing and expecting them to love you more than you love yourself.

1. Practice Yoga and Meditation

practice yoga

A perfect way to love yourself when nobody does is to engage in yoga practice and meditation. These combos will allow you to connect properly with your inner self, stay off the noisy world, and discover really great things that matter to better your life.

2. Have a to-do-list

write a to do list

A to-do list not only helps you keep track of things you should do, but also reminds you of how well you have done for the day.

The list draws your consciousness to be able to concentrate according to your priorities for the day, week, months, or year and in the end, you will have a lot of smiles on your face for the things on the list you’re able to accomplish.

You do not have to set a deadline that will have a negative effect on you by making you feel panicked you are running out of time and have not really achieved a lot.

3. Filter your social circle

filter your circle

You’re made up of people you hang out with.

Make sure you maintain a healthy social circle by filtering people who will stop at nothing to make you feel less of yourself.

Consider building a network of people who encourage and make you feel valued and loved.

4. What are your insecurities?


Making a list of your insecurities won’t make them increase, it would rather help you discover the most efficient way to conquer them.

Loving yourself involves discovering the real you, and to feel better about how you see yourself, you would have to fix things that affect your self-confidence, they’re simply your insecurities.

5. Pay attention to yourself

be happy always

Self-love is not being selfish, at times you could be seen giving much out and staying unhappy about your own self. You may, for this reason, have to give more to yourself this time than you have always done in the past.

Consider spending more time with yourself, treat yourself to a home spa, make your favorite meal, and have fun playing in the backyard. By the end of the day, how fulfilled you feel determines how much love you have extracted having alone time.

Over to you…

It is common today to say “I feel like no one loves me”, but most people who say that, don’t truly love themselves.

Although not everyone will love you…

You have a great role in attracting people to love you, which is highly possible only when you have shown you truly love yourself.

Positive self-confidence and not seeking people’s validation will by far encourage you to take care of yourself when no one else does and be proud of yourself.

Love yourself because no one else will

Preston Le