101 Best Funny Mom Jokes To Get Her Laughing Aloud

mom jokes

Moms can do basically everything, they are strong, smart, and loving. Nobody loves like a mother and often times their love is a force of nature, unstoppable and fierce.

Obviously, mothers are amongst the strongest beings in the universe, sometimes it seems they’re nothing short of superheroes. And as such, one of their superpowers can be having an amazing sense of humor. Mom jokes are amongst one of the funniest types of jokes out there, some might even say funnier than dads, with their dad jokes.

Funniest mom jokes for you to enjoy, or share with your mom and the family.

1. Why did the cookie cry? Because his mama was a wafer too long.

2. What do you get when you mix a basketball aacnd a baby? Double dribble.

3. What’s the difference between in-laws and out laws?  Outlaws are actually wanted.

4. What did Nick canon say to Mariah Carey? I gotta go cause you wild’n out.

5. What did cardi b get back with offset? For the culture.

6. Why were your socks sad when you took them off? They felt defeeted.

7. How many mommies does it take to wipe a baby’s butt? A butt load of them.

8. Why are your Little babies favourite twin? The booby twins.

9. What do batteries and bras have in common? They both come in D’s.

10. How many people are dead in the biggest cemetery in the world?  All of them.

11. What did the singleother study in college? Baby mama drama.

12. What do you call a female dinosaur with children? A mamasaurus Rex. 

13. Why did the boy wanna be a boxer when he grows up? Cause mama said, “knock you out”.

14. What did the witch say to her kid when she got in trouble? Go to your broom.

15. What did the mom order at the bar? A mama-mosa.

16. What was my mother’s least favorite rapper? Da brat.

17. What cereal do you eat when you have a cold? Soup loops.

18. What do you call an arrogant Dinosaur? A bragasaurus Rex.

19. What do you call a mother who is a practicing lawyer? A mother-in-law.

20. What’s the baby ghost’s favorite treat? A boo-berry smoothie.

21. What Lunch does the mama witch Give her kids for school? A sandwich.

22. What type of cookies like to draw? A snickerdoodle.

23. What did the mama sheep say to her boy cause he was misbehaving? Baaaaaahd boy.

24. What did the policemen stay in bed all day? He was working undercover.

25. What did the rabbit ask for on his birthday? Carrot cake.

26. What did the butt say to the other butt? Ppppppppt.

27. Who is the most insane jazz musician? Jazz Davis.

28. What do you call two vegans fighting? Beyond beff.

29. What apartment does 50cent live in?  G-unit.

30. How much room does one need to grow a fungus? As mush rooms as possible.

31. Why can’t you trust atoms? They make up everything.

32. What do you call an Italian low-income neighborhood? A spa-ghetto.

33. How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.

34. What do you call it when you sit too long and can’t feel anything above the back of your thighs? Deadass.

35. What’s a lazy person’s best exercise? Diddly squats.

36. Why did the Karen press ctrl +alt+ delete? She wanted the task manager.

37. Why did the man with Parkinson’s stop streaming on YouTube? He felt more on-brand with twitch.

38. What will babies born in 2020 be called in 2033? Quaranteens.

39. I planted collard greens on my ceiling, which I call the Wallgreens.

40. What do you call it when a child refuses to take a nap? Resisting A-rest.

41. What type of pictures do teeth take? Toothpic.

42. I’m a kleptomaniac, it gets so mad sometimes that I have to take something for it.

43. What happened when Stevie Wonder stubs his toe? He enters a blind rage.

44. What do you call a cow who just had a baby? De-calf-inated.

45. What do they call Miley Cyrus in Europe? Kilometer Cyrus.

46. What rapper always has the sniffles? J-cold.

47. What do a good joke and spicing meat have in common? Timing.

48. How do you answer a question about a female deer in jeopardy? What are doessssss.

49. A person went to a zoo, he didn’t see any animals just a dog, it was a shihtzu.

50. The Lord told John to come fort and he shall have eternal life, he came fifth and got a toaster.

51. What do you call bedtime stories for baby horses? Pony tales.

52. How do you know if an ant is male or female? They’re all females unless they’ll be uncles.

53. I heard the banana couldn’t get a date, he had no a-peel.

54. Where was the declaration of independence signed? At the bottom of the paper.

55. My colleague David lost his ID., now he’s just Dav.

56. Jane has 300 candy bars, she eats 120 what does Jane have now?  Diabetes.

57. A slice of pie costs $3 in Jamaica and $5 in the Bahamas… I just have you the pie rates of the Caribbeans.

58. What is the name of the Egyptian Pharaoh that rarely farts? Tootuncommon.

59. You hear about the hunter that tracks by scent alone? He was just following odors.

60. When is a joke a mom joke? When it’s apparent.

61. What do you call a formally dressed baby? Infancy.

62. I gave Data’s Cat a bath last week, still can’t taste anything.

63. Why do monsters hate eating ghosts? They taste like shit.

64. Did you hear of the monk that mastered transcendental meditation? They call him air friar.

65. Little Lilly was spoiled rotten. Her parents would dote on her every whim, then stern aunty betty came to babysit, and she became the anti-dote.

66. Ann had a problem, Ann found a solution, Ann had a will, Ann Hathaway.

67. Why did the cook knock before opening the fridge? Because they might be a salad dressing.

68. Out of all the inventions in the last 100 years, the dry erase board must be the most remarkable.

69. What did the salad say to the priest? Lettuce pray.

70. How did Noah see at night? He used floodlights.

71. I used to be a truck driver for the Quaker oats company. For five years I spent the whole summer hall and outs.

72. I and my husband got married near a cellphone tower, the wedding was horrible, but the reception was great.

73. What kind of plants go in the bathroom? Toilet-trees.

74. What do you call a song that doesn’t show up? A dead beat.

75. What kind of seat do toddlers sit on to make mobile calls? A boost-er seat.

76. Have you heard of the computer thhsy took a cross-country trip? It was a hard drive.

77. What do you call a smoothie with alot of Granola? Roughie.

78. What did 50 cent fo when he was hungry? 58.

79. What does LeBron’s mom pack with his salsa? NBA champion-chips.

80. What do you call caged vegetables? A zoo-cchini.

81. Why was young Miami from the city girls getting on my nerves? Because she was on her periodt.

82. What does the dog say when he finds his favorite toy? Woof there it is.

83. Why did Beyonce go back to school? Because she likes to get in-formation.

84. Why Was The bird wearing Tims and a Gucci belt? Cause he was a Culture vulture.

85. What do you call a fat man holding fireworks? Bubba sparks.

86. How do skeletons communicate? The telebone.

87. What is the Jackson’s favorite vodka? Titos… But they don’t drink it, they have it hidden in the back.

88. Why can’t you stop a limbless dog? Cause he has no pause.

89. Why Does the mermaid wear seashells? Because she outgrew her B shells.

90. Who’s the best singer in all of the sea? Johnny gills.

91. What do you call batman when he skips church? Christian bail.

92. Why didn’t patty like to play in the sun? Because patty melts.

93. Did you hear about the new jump rope invented for big people? It’s groundbreaking.

94. What do you call two weaves that come together? A track meet.

95. Did you hear about the little guy that one the surfing competition? He did it all on microwaves.

96. Who is Thomas the tanks favourite rapper? Chew-trains.

97. Where do you go to invest in soup? The stock market.

98. Did you know most tailors are conservatives? They’re very clothes minded.

99. If this was the 1500’s what would Diddy call Dwayne Johnson? Ciroc.

100. My nickname is mom, do you wanna know my full name? Mom!  Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

101. Why did Jada cheat on will? Because August is hot.

Hope we put a smile on your face today, this means you are now ready to put a smile on your mom’s face, and at the same time get your family and friends giggling and laughing like no one’s business. We told you mom jokes are really funny and we proved it, we always do.

Please don’t forget to comment down below, share your thoughts, and any mom jokes you might have.

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