Why Do Men Cheat? 7 Actual Reasons Why Men Cheat

Is infidelity in men genetic? Research suggests that a hormone called oxytocin, which facilitates trust and allows people to form strong bonds, could be the key to whether or not a spouse strays.

Aside from that, I have come across several women who complain their husbands are cheating on them, “why did he cheat on me?” I understand the soulful pains this can present to notice your man is cheating on you with someone else. You could be obscured in your thoughts to finding out why he sleeps around with other women, but this is more like taking the blames for someone else deeds.

There are so many researches on reasons why men cheat, women who are been cheated on sort to know why the cheater cheats. The worst of it all is that if you’re being cheated on you could be left with the feeling that it could probably be your fault why your husband cheats. Before you apportion the blames to yourself in whole, keep reading to find out why men cheat in a relationship.

Most men who cheat believe that they’re never destined to spend their lives monogamously staying in some dark nights with only one person all the time and that monogamous love is nothing but a pure deception. Let’s be honest here if you’re a man who cheats, it takes you nothing to believe this. You easily might have included in your very thought that “men are polygamous in nature” and always needed something extra as there are many other attractive women out there. How true are all these, are men truly polygamous, is it the core or part of the reasons why you cheat as a man?

Do real men cheat? Most men who cheat are not fake, they’re real too, about 40% of men who cheat complained they did so out of frustration in the relationship with their partner. This serves an answer to the question do men cheat deliberately or by accident? There are several underlying reasons why men cheat which probably could be difficult for women to understand because they’re viewing it from the angle of being a woman and not the man who’s cheating.

The brutal truth is that knowing why men cheat or how often do guys cheat at bachelor parties, can’t prevent him from cheating again. You probably could learn things to try to help stop him from cheating.

Men I know who cheated, are people who allow their emotions to control them, they have long lost their self-control and can’t withstand marital hiccups. These types of men who cheat, see going outside their marriage as the only proofing solution to solve marital problems. There has never been a time where cheating solved problems in marriage, it is a hell lot of ways to make things worse than ever. Infidelity has been the gate crusher in many homes from time past till date, even a cheater doesn’t want to be cheated on and this is more of the reasons to note that cheating is never an option in any relationship that everyone can easily embrace.

I have read at least hundreds of posts on reasons why men cheat, and I will share below, the suttle things I discovered why most men cheat in a relationship. If you’re a victim of infidelity, you will relate very well with the information contained on this post.

So Why Do Men Cheat?

Use the navigations below, to get the inside scoop about reasons why men cheat. Not interested in knowing why men stray? Check out the core reasons why women cheat in a relationship.

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