How to Fix a Marriage After an Affair

How to Fix a Marriage After an Affair

Maybe you’ve cheated on your partner or you were cheated on, and right now you’re wondering how to fix your marriage after the betrayal. 

Because you still loved them and want to remain in the marriage. 

However, understand that fixing a marriage after an affair is a long and challenging process to trend on, but once you see your marriage is worth rebuilding, and the both of you’re willing to pay the price of working hard to make it come to reality, then it’ll be good to make the move in time. 

But how possible is it to rebuild and fix a marriage after an affair? You asked.

It’s quite possible to fix your marriage if you can follow the simple guidelines we’ve detailed here to help you out of this disheartening situation.

Just read on for some idea that a marriage expert has used to repair other people’s marriages after an affair. 

In this article, you’ll see great ways how to fix your marriage after an affair, and likewise a means of rebuilding a stronger, more intimate version of your marriage after having affair.

Let’s see what it means to have an affair outside your marriage.


In a nutshell, an affair simply means to secretly have or keep a romantic relationship with someone else outside your marriage.

What leads to having affairs outside marriage?

An affair is a defining point in a marriage. It starts when there’s poor communication, lack of healthy sex, no love or respect, lack of trust, negligence of another, or maybe unhappiness that has been in existence for a long time.

Believe me, when all these aforementioned factors are being neglected in any marriage, one of the partners in that marriage may start getting attention and enjoy the company of someone else outside your marriage, hence one of the numerous reasons leading to cheating or having secret affairs.

Is it possible to fix a marriage after an affair?

Yes, the possibility to fix a marriage after an affair is valid to obtain especially when both parties are desiring to make it work again.

It requires hard work, undivided attention to focus on what you want, and boldness to decide to stay.

However, the solution to mending a marriage after an affair starts with you.

How? You asked.

Well, Lots of couples have been able to heal and fixed their marriages back to being happy with these simple solutions we’ll be revealing to you here.

Just count yourself so lucky to have come across this post.

Stay put as you learn more about how to fix your marriage after having an affair.

11 tips on how to fix a marriage after an affair.

1. Find out what leads to this affair at first.
2. Find a lasting remedy to work it out.
4. Be reliable and open to your partner.
5. Ask for forgiveness.
6. Avoid making similar mistakes again.
7. Be strong enough to handle the challenges.
8. Avoid taking your marriage issues to the public.
9. Allow time to heal.
10. Give in healthy communication.
11. Be devoted to your marriage now.

1. Find out what leads to this affair at first.

If you’re willing to or have taken the bold steps to fix your marriage back to the expected kind of marriage you crave, then one great way to go about it is to figure out what lead to It.

I mean, you should be able to get a good answer to why you or your spouse deviate from what they used to be before, check if you were not giving them attention, or you neglected their presence in the marriage to make it easier for someone else to grab their attention easily.

When the both of you’re capable of being honest with yourselves about the situation, you’re close to fixing your marriage after an affair.

2. Find a lasting remedy to sort it out.

By the time, the two of you’ve got to realize what caused the affairs in the first place, the next right step to take towards fixing your marriage should be seeking a lasting remedy to help you get to the root of the problem and then fix it.

Discuss more on the things you can do to settle and heal the already injured person, also remember that, this is not the right time to start blaming or shaming each other, always correct with love to prevent igniting more flame in your marriage.

3. Accept you’re wrong.

One thing is to make mistakes and another challenging one is to accept your flaws when being confronted by your partner.

There’s no shame in accepting your mistakes because almost everyone makes one or two mistakes in their marriage.

Never try to cover up because if you do, the truth will finally be out one day, and by that time your spouse may not be able to forgive you.

So keep away your dignity and ego and mellow down to accept all criticism believing with time everything will be alright, hence making it easy to fix your marriage back after an affair.

4. Be reliable and open to your partner.

Since you can reach an agreement with your spouse to work together in fixing your marriage or relationship after an affair, keep in mind that it’s not going to be so easy with the cheated partner especially when they find it difficult to trust you after the betrayal.

So what do you do to build trust back?

At this point, all you need to do is to rekindle the love and trust back again in your marriage by being sincere to your partner.

Know that they’ll approach you often with lots of questions about what had happened, however, don’t lie to them, maintain politeness and be reliable to answer questions accordingly if you truly wish to fix your marriage.

5. Ask for forgiveness.

Some marriages have collapsed today due to the inability or refusal of partners to tender apologies at the right time.

To fix your marriage after an affair if you’re the one that cheated, you have to ask for forgiveness properly and at the right time to avoid the unhappiness existing in your heart for a longer period which can aggravate the situation.

Don’t just say I’m sorry when you’re not even feeling regretful of what you’ve done, don’t make it look as if your partner causes what happened, even if their actions make you slip into having affair outside your marital home, know that there’s no justification to that.

Therefore, accept the blame for not controlling yourself or respecting the vows you took at the altar, and ask for forgiveness as often as possible till you’re been forgiven.

6. Avoid making similar mistakes again.

If your partner has agreed to accept you back in their life after having been found to have engaged in an affair, it’ll be best if you cut off anything that will lead to repeating this same mistake in your marriage.

One simple way to avoid committing the exact crime again is when you’re able to spot what lead to the problem at first and truly regretted the first one.

However, if you’ve truly wanted to fix your marriage back to normal, be willing to do anything to help make it work out well. 

7. Be strong enough to handle the challenges.

When you decide to fix your marriage after an affair, you’ve to be strong to face the consequences of your actions.

What do I mean by that?

What I’m trying to say is that it’s not going to be easy to handle the heat of criticism or endure the numerous scolding by your partner because it will surely come but if you can be brave enough to understand when to speak and when to remain calm, then you’re completely going to get your marriage fixed.

8. Avoid taking your marriage issues to the public.

Some people have the habit of treating their marriage as a public affair, any little misunderstanding with their partner will be heard by friends or social media.

If you do this, you’re making a very huge mistake.

Know that your marriage issue is a confidential matter, so you need to keep them secret.

Though it may be tempting to try to get favor and help from your friends and family for “your side of the story,” please don’t try it.

At this point, the last thing you should be yearning for is for your close friends and family to “take your side,” while turning away from your spouse.

The first thing you should do is discuss it with your partner, not a third party because taking your marriage to your friends may cause more harm than good.

But if you must, choose a trusted person like your Mom who you know will be honest and supportive to both of you and talk intimately about your feelings.

Instead of seeking help from the wrong hands to fix your marriage after an affair that may worsen the issue at hard leading to severe pain, try to go for professional help.

9. Allow time to heal.

Know that the hurt of betrayal can take some time to be healed. Just like they say, time healed everything, so allow enough time to restore your marriage.

Don’t rush things – allow time for recovery and let it go naturally.

If you’re the one that cheated on your partner and he or she is not ready to forgive you immediately, you’ll have to accept that and give more space.

A marriage coach, Esther Perel, compared an affair to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

She further explained, that your partner may be experiencing interfering thoughts, high anxiety, confusion, unhappiness, etc. So he or she is going to need time to process the information, and get through all of the emotions and pain you’ve caused them.

I know that it takes time – you wouldn’t expect a person who has a broken leg to get over it over time and go jumping or running with you the following day. Just the same way, your partner is going to need time, enough space, and support to get properly healed from the trauma.

10. Give in healthy communication.

Healthy communication with your spouse is required to fix a marriage after an affair.

What do I mean?

Well, I mean to say, if you truly desire to rebuild your marriage or the relationship with your partner after cheating, then you’ve to be a good communicator.

Listen more this time, listening gives you a unique opportunity to understand your partner better, especially from his or her point of view.

So make effort to pay close attention to what your husband or wife has to say, don’t just assume that all is well when they’re still going through a lot in their head.

If possible, ask them every day how they feel, inquire of them to point out the area they think you’re not doing well, and by so doing, it’ll make it clear to fix your marriage issues quickly.

11. Be devoted to your marriage now.

At this stage of fixing your marriage after an affair, you need to provide support and assurance to your partner to help you fix up, rebuild and redefine the trust and love in your marriage.

Fall on your sword. Once your affair is out in the open, don’t blame your spouse.

Take full responsibility. Saying things like, “If you had just tried harder to understand me,” will not help the issue rather it’s going to make things worse.

However, the best thing to do if you truly want your marriage to be fixed is to be devoted to your partner right now.

In conclusion.

All these aforementioned tips may sound not pretty simple, but do remember that just with smart work and a sincere apology will go a long way to fix a marriage after an affair.

Understand that just uttering “Sorry” is not a fair apology. Your spouse is going to be more upset, hurt, and angry if they noticed you’re not even remorseful for your action and it may lag the fixing of your marriage or even lead to divorce.

So to deter this from happening, make a genuine apology immediately after your affair is open to your spouse, accept all the blame, ask for forgiveness often, and ensure never to repeat the behavior ever again.

Also, know this is the time to be more connected with your spouse to help you fix a marriage after an affair.


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