How To Make A Man Worship You In Bed

How To Make A Man Worship You In Bed

I am sure you are already aware that while women love by their emotions, a man’s love is usually sexual. If you are like many women, you would desire to be the most sexually appealing lady to your man. The guides in this article will walk you through being that sexually appealing lady that has her man worshipping her in bed.

How To Make A Man Worship You In Bed

Before every sexual activity, there is a preparatory state that sets the tone and puts your partner in the mood.

The preparatory steps to take are:

1. Dress appealing

2. Smell good

3. Speak


You already know men are visual beings and are moved by what they see. You need to mess with his eyesight so he can easily visualize getting in bed with you to worship you all from how you dress. Once the two of you are alone, try dressing seductively. He needs to be aware that he is with a lady and not a fellow man all from how you dress. Not be shy to flash him sometimes. You can even get him to help you hook or unhook your bra just so he gets to see more of your flesh. It’s not every time you want to be in his big t-shirt, it’s not every time you should be in sweat pants. It is time to bring forth those gorgeous lingeries, bum shorts, and transparent night wears and tease your man’s glance.


Studies have confirmed that men love their partners smelling good. The fragrance that gets men the most is the sweet flowery fruity smell. Psychologists have confirmed that scents are linked with memory. If you want to imprint your memory in your man’s mind, if you want to be the one he will be thinking about all day, the one he links all his sexual fantasies to, then you should consider using the right fragrance and you would soon have him on bed worshipping you and not able to have enough of you.

A quick fact to bear in mind is that scents improve men’s erection. It gets craziest to find that good scents also increase hardness in your man’s erection. If you are already considering the implementation of smell, then you should be aware of the aphrodisiac scents. Aphrodisiac scents arouse sexual desire, pleasure, or performance through boosting desire, pleasure, or performance. Peppermint, pumpkin, vanilla, lavender, cinnamon, and ginger are all aphrodisiac fragrances that you can try out to spice things up between you and your man in the bedroom and have him worship you on the bed.


Just as women confirm that hearing lovely words from their partners and getting arousing text messages from their partners during the day, sets them in the mood, the same is true for men. You need to let him know you can’t wait to get in bed with him, you need to let him know that you can’t stop thinking of the last time your both were on the bed and how good he was that you crave the experience. You need to let him know all this by saying it. He could be away from home and you pick up your phone just to tell him this, you can also do this through texting, you can also communicate this when you are together. All this is to build up his anticipation to be in bed with you.

With you looking appealing, smelling good, and being sexual with your words — your man would be surely mesmerized and eager to get down with you on the bed to worship you.

You have succeeded in setting the tone and filling his mind with sexual thoughts of yourself, the next step is how you handle the sexual act with him in bed.

While one bed, you need to bear the following in mind

1. Input the masculine-feminine dynamics (be receiving as a lady)

2. He wants to hear you moan

3. Encourage him

4. Initiate

5. Be adventurous

6. Touch him well

7. Make love

8. Use your eyes (graze/make eye contact)

9. Create a romantic setup


The masculine nature/energy has been the dominant energy that desires acceptance while the feminine energy is the recipient energy that needs attention. Men have an ‘ego’ and this ego revolves around their self-image which helps to make them confident and comfortable around you. The moment you work in the feminine and are receiving which becomes consequently acceptance of him, it humbles your man and makes him worship you in bed. Accepting him shows he is good enough and convinces him that his genital is of the right size and his skills are perfect for you.

Nothing can be equated to the feeling a man gets when his sexual partner, accepts him sexually. There is so much insecurity that revolves around a man’s sexual vigor, from the size of his penis to how he can turn you on. If you can be that lady that trusts him in bed, the lady that enables his expression as a man, you will be the lady he would be worshipping on the bed and beyond.


What better way can you show your acceptance for a man than you moaning while he rides and penetrates you. The sound of your moan gives him all the confirmation he needs. It shows he is getting it and his acts are well received. He wants to feel like a hero when on the bed with you, he wants to know that he can hit the G-spot of the woman he desires. You can company the moaning with words like, ‘yes baby,’ ‘ride it, baby.’

If you have a pet name for him, this is the time to call out that name and make him feel in charge and like the man he is. He will reciprocate your receptiveness with worship.


The spice of receptiveness is you confirming it with your words and encouraging him. It’s your body and only you know how you feel. Once he hits you right, you need to give him that confirmation and encourage him to do it some more, that way you would truly be moaning and praising him without faking it and you would have him worshipping you on the bed. Since receptiveness can’t be faked, he can tell by penetrating you. His body can also feel the receptiveness and openness of your body, so you have to encourage him to hit it well so you do not have to fake your moan. It could break him down if he feels you are faking, so ensure you do not fake and encourage him to hit you the right way.


Talking about showing him how good he is at his magic; there is no better way to do this than to initiate. I mean, if he isn’t getting it right, you would not be craving such intimacy that you even deem it fit to initiate. On the top of the list of the challenges men face with their romantic female partner (hetero relationships), is that they never initiate. Women, in an attempt to stay feminine and be on the receiving end, feel cheapened by the idea of initiating and so they shy from it. If you can be among the few confident women, who aren’t ashamed or held back to show their men how much they desire him, you should be a priceless jewel in his sight and would have him at your fingertip worshipping you on the bed.


Men love the fun, thrill, and adventure of life and that transcends to the bedroom during sex and lovemaking. To be desirable, you need to also be adventurous and reciprocate your man’s energy. This includes you being wild and open to various experiences on the bed. You can not be committed to only the missionary style if you want to keep your man committed. You can’t be reversed to one style of sex, and not just style, you have to be open to also having it anywhere. Sex is not restricted to the bedroom for couples that want to be thrilled and explore themselves. You could have it in the kitchen, on the dining table, or in the car. You want to be the lady that fulfills his sexual fancies so he could worship you on the bed.


Ever wonder why guys are quick to request a hug or handshake or would find every excuse to touch you? Well, the reason is that most guys are aroused by touching a woman. There are many various techniques to set the tone before sex, and one of them is with the appropriate touch. Several typical male arousal triggers could turn your partner on. The erogenous zones are the areas on your man that you can touch to arouse him; you will need to figure out where they are on him. You must be attentive and watchful to find these erogenous zones on your man. The corners of the ear, on the other hand, are a common erogenous zone, except for a few persons. So why not use this as a cue to spice things with and arouse your man so you could have him worshiping you on the bed.


Making love is different from having sex. If you want your man to worship you in bed, you need to be able to take things to the next level. You take things slowly in lovemaking and spend more time relishing each moment because there’s no haste and no end lines to meet. Extend each touch to make it last longer and feel more intense. Touch various parts of your partner’s body: genitals alone aren’t enough. Examine the neck, shoulders, scalp, ears, belly, inner thighs, inner arms, back, buttocks, and feet, among other erogenous zones. To make the experiment valuable for you both in bed and out, you can encourage your man to use speed or pressure while penetrating you.

Love-making is the way of expressing love feelings through intercourse. So, if you want to make it evident that you’re making love rather than just having sex, make sex more intimate by focusing on emotional closeness as well as physical intimacy.


Then is something you can also implement to spice things up in the bedroom and get your man to worship you — it is the use of eye contact. Yes, eye contact, as common as you may see can have a magical effect on your lovemaking in the bedroom when implemented the right way. You can also try the tantric sex practice of eye gazing — where you sit up straight on your bed, the floor, the couch, or anywhere you are using for the love making, with your partner also sitting up straight, and just gaze into each other’s eyes with for several minutes without saying a word.

There is nowhere to hide under the strong gaze of your partner, so you exercise fully exposing yourself to the other with everything that you feel and all that you are. You see them completely while also allowing yourself to be seen. Allow the love in your heart to radiate through your eyes to add some spice to the love-making process.


Imagine you’ve been calling your man all day and sending him texts; telling him how much you crave an intimate moment with him in the bedroom and then he walks into a room set up with candlelights and roses, while soft romantic music is playing. This would be a perfect setup to back all your preparatory steps and he won’t resist getting in bed with you and worshipping you.

The above guides when implemented appropriately will leave your man helpless and worshipping you in bed.


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